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Things to Remember When Hiring a Conveyancer

Buying a property for the first time may be overwhelming for you, especially with the barrage of tasks to do and paperwork to get sorted. This is why a conveyancer will come in very handy, as they know very well how to carry on and leave the stress behind. When you have conveyancing solicitor acting on your behalf, your worries are reduced to getting updates from them and listening to how some issues about the transaction will be ironed out.

When hiring a conveyancer, it's important that you also familiarise yourself, at the very least, with the basics of the conveyancing process, so you're not in the dark with what your conveyancer will talk to you about.

Simply defined, conveyancing is the process where the ownership is legally transferred to your name following your offer/purchase price agreement with the seller. The process takes place for weeks and may even take months, depending on the issues surrounding the property and the transaction.

What you should keep in mind is to find someone who is well versed with property sales and purchases and the local laws to make sure that any problem throughout the transaction will be carefully and promptly addressed.

What are the things you should consider when choosing a conveyancer?

Fees - Gather as much conveyancing quotes as you can have a look at and see which ones can offer the best value for their money. Always check the list for complete and transparent disbursements and a reasonable price for the conveyancer's basic fees. It's quite better if you can find one what offers a no-completion-no-fee deal as you're likely to save a reasonable sum in it. Remember that there are other costs to pay for here besides what you and the seller would agree to buy the house.

Accreditation - Make sure they're accredited members of the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme to ensure that the process is carried out with compliance and a high standard of quality.

Expertise and Experience - Find someone well versed in this practice to be able to get the best and extra legal advice when caught in a complex transaction issue. The well experienced ones are also likely to meet your timeline expectations, and may find a workaround to speed up the process for you.

Availability - Look for a conveyancer who can address your concerns promptly. Hire someone who has efficient communication channels in place, so you're not kept in the dark with what's happening and what else needs done.

The mentioned characteristics are crucial to the success of your purchase as conveyancers will basically take care of a lot of things for you, and bring the transaction to trouble-free completion.

In a nutshell, you can expect your conveyancer to carry out the following tasks for you and make sure that you collect the keys to your newly bought home without as much stress as you worried about.

  • Prepare the contract for you and the seller to sign and exchange

  • Arrange for a valuation, survey, and searches to make sure there are no problems with the property and the area where it's located

  • Ask questions to the seller on your behalf about the property

  • Arrange the transfer of monies - deposit and the rest of the funds

  • Arrange and sort the payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax

  • Help with registering the property in your name at the Land Registry and pay the fees